No can do….

16 Nov

I love numbers and tracking. Ask any of the people I have ever worked out with. I am meticulous with stats. How long did this swim leg of the race take compared to last year? How much slower did I swim this year than last year. I track the same number information on the blog. “How many visits did I get today?” How many visits have I gotten since the beginning of time.  The miraculous thing is, I get more visits when I actually write. I know….this is SHOCKING. (I wish I had a sarcasm avatar) While I have had some positive feedback on the blog and people seem to like it, I can’t maintain it.  I feel guilty about not posting and can’t find enough hours in the day to make up for it.  So, as of today, I am not going to be posting new information there. Any other West Siders that might like to post, let me know for now I’ll just stick to my ramblings on


Oooohhh, look what I found

26 Oct

Not only a “new” blogger, but a new category.  Life, Words & Rock ‘N’ Roll!!!  And all in time for Halloween (not sure what that has to do with anything…but)  Something has drawn me into her blog.  Her tales of writing, getting published (NOT getting published at times) and stories of other writers and fab.  She writes about writers.   She is a hard core rocker girl who writes like it.  What an exciting discovery.  She’ll add some flair to our Urban Fringe sustainable granola favors out here.  Here’s what she says about herself, “I’m a punk rock girl from the Midwest. I’ve read obsessively since I learned how and have considered myself a serious writer since I started writing poems about unrequited love and razor blades in 8th grade.”
Enjoy, I think she’s a good addition to the crew.

Just spent my evening preparing for a bake sale

9 Oct

I’ve been out of town…that’s my lame excuse for not posting recently.  Spent my evening with VFG preparing for a bake sale.  I can’t even explain how much time people put into packaging and making every snack, bite and gem look delicious.  Very fun evening which involved running into other Urban Fringe as well.  I hope to be back up so speed soon.  Will post!

Our bags are packed and tummies full

23 Sep

Car is loaded, bags are packed….we didn’t make it back to Barcelona.  Are you surprised?  Probably not.  However, as much as I wanted to spend time in Barcelona looking around and enjoying the city, we finally made the decision to stay here one final night, wake up very early in the morning for our return to the US.  See you stateside and I’ll post more photos of our beautiful journey.   For now, check some of the many dishes we have enjoyed!!

Virtual Farmgirl: Slow Cooker’s Loaded w/ Fixins for North Indian Red Beans & Rice

9 Sep

Last night before our trip, the Farmpeople invited us over for dinner.  When we went into the house the aroma of Indian food was incredible.  Farmgirl let me know about a cookbook that a friend/colleague of hers wrote.  I can not believe, and neither would you, how good this food was.  And cooked in a CROCK POT no less.  I had to post her to let you all know.

Virtual Farmgirl: Slow Cooker\’s Loaded w/ Fixins for North Indian Red Beans & Rice

via Virtual Farmgirl: Slow Cooker\’s Loaded w/ Fixins for North Indian Red Beans & Rice.

ABCH–she makes me mad!!!

3 Sep

Okay, so I joke with A on the train and at various functions that she really makes the rest of us look bad.  I think I mentioned in the write-up about Peas 4 Dinner (that little foodie) that I think she gives working mothers a bad name.  Setting the bar this high is not fair.  
This is an electronic scrapbook chronicling her families’ tender and  joyful and  lives.   She adores her family, enjoys the time they spend together and loves to eat.  Who wouldn’t love the fact that she lets us all peek into snippets of her life.  Another urban overachiever.   Okay, I threw in that last bit cause I KNOW she’ll read this, run into me this weekend and punch me on the shoulder.  At least I HOPE I run into her.  P Four is fun to read.   Enjoy her family, I think they are fantastic.

Bill and Judy take a trip….for life

1 Sep

I am stretching things here and expanding my west side blog to include a former OPer who is dear to me.  A couple of months ago, she and her husband sold their condo, packed their bags and their kids up and fled not just the coop, but the country.  Her tales of foreign lands, strange illnesses, unflinching devotion and culinary wonders are incredible.  In honesty, I walk away from reading her blog feeling not just excited that she and Bill are on this journey…grabbing life by the horns, but a bit mediocre.  I am convinced she’ll write a book from her tales on this trip.  She is a photographer, a great writer, a mother, a teacher and a water phobiac!!!  I can’t wait to hear where their family journey takes them.  Before they left, we talked about timing.  I continually pressed them to tell me how long they planned to be gone, when they’d be back.  She delicately told me that timing wasn’t something they were focused on.  I got the idea that they’d be gone just “as long as it takes.”  So eat-pray-love THAT Julia Roberts!    Read her stuff.  You won’t regret it.